Donation Options

Unfortunately i am not allowed to take donations, but i am working on a point's system where you get points for playing, then you can use these points to buy a rank on the server.

The Server Staff Team

  • KIP87

    KIP87 Owner and founder of The Hidden Haven, can be found mostly on skyblock.
  • Cosmo

    hello im Cosmo im the one staff member who is on most of the day and you can find me on factions.
  • UnderRatedGod

    I am the admin of this server any problems and i am more then happy to help i can normally be found on factions.
  • Gamerz

    im one of the Moderator's of this server. It's a really nice experience ^_^! Im from Greece, and I like to help people with their problems!
  • lukaYT

    my name is luka im 17 i mostly play skyblock and factions
  • Astrid

    Astrid here, I'm pretty much the embodiment of awkwardness. You'll probably catch me on either skyblock or survival.
  • BmdSwim

    comeing soon.
  • SimplyDrawn

    Hello~ I'm SimmplyDrawn, and I'm a helper here on the server! I'm pretty laid back for the most part, and I try to be fair in what I do!
  • Puggles

    Staff Manager
    comeing soon.
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